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I would like to introduce myself my name is Maya Izquierdo, and I have been a Personal Trainer for over 5 years. Specializing in exercises for people who have had injuries and who want to get back to the sports they love using Muscle Activation Techniques, and Resistance Training Specialist methods. There are vast amounts of tools and gadgets trainers use to get the most out of their workouts and get stronger. Clients would always ask where could they buy bands and cuffs, so they would be able to do exercises at home and I would send them to Amazon not really knowing if they were getting the right item. That’s when I started in July of this year offering products that workout enthusiast and personal trainers like yourself use everyday to get the best workouts for our clients and ourselves.

My goal throughout all of this is to find the best tools in the industry. Create a brand that is known for products that are created and used by the best trainers. My promise is that every product Muscle Gadgets branded item has been tested by several different colleges of mine to ensure its quality and that they would use it before it is made available to the public. Having a combination of items that are manufactured by us and items that are created by others all with the goal of getting the best collections for everything you would use in the gym.

I want to help exercise professionals, personal trainers, and coaches grow. I have a few programs already in place:

If you have any ideas that I haven't listed, I'm all ears. Think of Muscle Gadgets as your resource to help building your brand. I want to know from you on how I can help your business and your earnings grow!

Contact me directly, and I promise to get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for your time!

Maya Izquierdo