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Muscle Gadgets 3 Piece Band set
Muscle Gadgets 3 Piece Band set
Muscle Gadgets 3 Piece Band set

Muscle Gadgets 3 Piece Band set

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END THE MONOTONY of free weights and exercise machines. Perform exhilarating biceps curls, overhead triceps extensions and adapted squats without pricey, cumbersome fitness equipment.

3-PIECE WORKOUT BANDS offer resistance levels to target all muscle groups. Enhance flexibility and stamina with workout resistance loops that increase in tension as they are stretched and expanded.

VARIABLE RESISTANCE LEVELS range from 10 to 80 lbs. The red band offers 10-15 lbs of resistance. The black band offers 20-40 lbs of resistance. The purple band offers 40-80 lbs of resistance.

PORTABLE EXERCISE EQUIPMENT you can use at home, at school, at the gym and even at work during your lunch hour. Snap-resistant natural rubber is safe and easy to use on your own, without a spotter.

RISK-FREE 90 Day Guarantee ensures your satisfaction with your Muscle Gadgets 3-Piece Exercise Bands Set. If you’re not delighted with Muscle Gadgets Core Fitness Bands, return them for a 100% refund.


Stretch your body to its’ limits
Your body’s capabilities shouldn’t be restricted by the range of motion of cable machines. Muscle Gadgets Resistance Bands free your body to reach new possibilities in endurance and flexibility. These 3 snap-resistant mobility bands let you move in endless directions, strengthening muscles and increasing your range of motion without undue stress on joints and bones. This lightweight, portable fitness equipment also lets you maintain your workout regimen at home, at school and while on vacation.

Safety and versatility for all skill levels
Made of 100% eco-friendly natural rubber, Muscle Gadgets Fitness Bands come in 3 color-coded resistance levels: Red (10-15 lbs); Black (20-40 lbs); and Purple (40-80 lbs). Each band is 82” long x 0.15” thick. Their respective widths are 0.5”, 0.85” and 1.25”. As they are stretched for squats, pull ups and other exercises, their tension levels increase to continually challenge your body as your strength improves. This makes them ideal for beginning athletes and expert fitness enthusiasts of all ages.

Customer Satisfaction is our top priority
We insist on the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to bring you these premium Exercise Resistance Bands. We confidently offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee for your peace of mind. In the unlikely event that our product does not meet your expectations, return it for a 100% refund of your purchase price. No questions asked.

Diversify your workout routine at home and on-the-go. Add the Muscle Gadgets 3-Piece Resistance Bands Set to your cart today.